BEND BUT DON’T BREAK – The Key To Moving Forward In Life

One thing my life taught me is to pick myself up, no matter how many times I fall. ‘BEND BUT DON’T BREAK‘ – Read it at least 10 times, memorize and remember it till your last breath.

BEND, BUT DON’T BREAK. This statement might sound a bit fancy, but it is the key to moving forward in life. Life isn’t a perfectly straight line. We all experience good days and bad days. There’s no avoiding this upward and downward peaks of life.

FALL, BUT DO NOT STAY ON THE GROUND. Pick yourself up and fight back. I can’t promise you will not fall again. You definitely will, BUT DO NOT STAY ON THE GROUND. Falling and getting up is a lifetime loop. There is no end.

BE SAD, BUT DO NOT MAKE SADNESS YOUR HOME. Emotions, that’s what makes us human. SADNESS and HAPPINESS – the two most powerful human emotions cannot be experienced together. You can either be happy or sad. Never let sadness consume your happiness. It is important to understand that getting sad is completely normal. Sooner or later, happiness will surround you again.

And when sadness overwhelms you, remember that the deeper that sadness digs into your soul, the more happiness your soul is able to contain.

Most of us are beginning to reach our breaking point in life. We all go through something significant in our lives, dealing with some type of major challenges. We lose faith and walk away or simply give up on our goals and dreams.

But I want you to understand that when you bend, what you’re willing to get is uncomfortable. When you bend, you make the decision of facing your challenges. And the only time you break is when you give up.

A strong sword does not break easily. But it does bend, for if it did not, when the pressure is great, it would snap. Another example is of a tree that grows in China – THE BAMBOO TREE. When you first look at it, you would never guess that the Bamboo tree is the strongest tree on Earth. But there is something really special about these trees. During high winds and storms, Bamboo trees bend all the way down to the ground, but they do not break. Once the storm is gone, they go back to their original position. They BEND BUT DON’T BREAK. Adapt such abilities to become the strongest version of yourself.

Your challenges and struggles are nothing more than a temporary setback. Stand strong in the face of your struggles and never give up. Because what drags you down is only beneath you. Remember that.

When you encounter difficulties and contradictions, do not try to break them, but bend them with gentleness and time.

-Saint Francis de Sales

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Who I Am.

My name is Raunak Chhabra and I am a Micro-Entrepreneur. Why? Because I run a business, with only 1 employee – MYSELF. People think I am a successful man as I have a lot of stuff in possession. Expensive clothes, shoes, tech, and more. The fact is I am not. Although I’ve worked hard in life to buy all the stuff. Success can never be measured by money. So what am I doing about it? I am trying to minimalize. Getting rid of the stuff that adds no value to my life.

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