Cycle of Friendship – Understanding The Background

While Facebook and other social network applications are meant to help us connect with friends, it is not enough to keep us stay close. There is something known as ‘CYCLE OF FRIENDSHIP‘ according to which your friendship doesn’t always age with you (Not always).

Back at school, I and my best friend spent hours planning our grown-up lives together, moving to a different country and working together.

But then something else happened, he went to New York, while I am still in my hometown, working as a full-time blogger, writing this article.

Now, we aren’t in each other lives like it was before, available 24×7 but we still manage to keep the friendship alive by regularly staying in contact with Facetime.

But not all friendships have the tendency to last forever. Almost all friendships have a life cycle.

As our life changes, it’s inevitable that the people around us will change as well.

The typical ‘CYCLE OF FRIENDSHIP‘ as according to me is illustrated below.

cycle of friendship

You meet a person, a total stranger – be it in school, university, work and with time you become best friends. As your life moves on, every inch of distance between you and your friend’s lives requires a bit of extra effort on both sides, which sometimes we just don’t have time for.

And once again, you become strangers to each other. So your friendship might have a limited life and it’s important to understand that it is completely normal.

Social Network Is Not Enough

While social networking websites and applications are convenient ways for staying in touch with your friends, No amount of online chat or messaging, emailing, commenting, wall posts or likes can beat an hour of talk over a lunch or evening coffee.

One should not mistake his/her online friendship as the real one. I understand it because I’ve made friends on Facebook (best friends) that I am no longer in contact with.

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While it is impossible to completely avoid the ‘Cycle Of Friendship‘, some friendships will stand the test of time no matter what is thrown at them.

Friendships that last forever are ones that are constantly developed and taken care of.

Simply make time for the friends you want to keep in your life. It is as important as making time for your family.



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