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I Got Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces) – My Experience So Far

Last month, I gathered all the courage to visit an orthodontist to get 2 of my pre-molars extracted for lingual braces. The extraction was done to create space to relieve the crowding of the other teeth.

The extraction process went smoothly without any pain during or after extracting the teeth (Before I was afraid of getting my teeth pulled out).

Before pulling out a tooth, the doctor gave me local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth, jawbone and the surrounding gums.

He then grasped the tooth with forceps, rocked it back and forth and pulled it out. In a matter of seconds, my tooth was extracted. I went home and never felt any pain.

After extracting the two pre-molars, it was time to put the braces on. lingual braces

I went with the lingual braces because they are invisible and others can’t see them when you eat and talk. Of course, they are way more expensive as compared to the traditional (metal braces) or ceramic braces.

Lingual braces cost more because it takes the dentist a lot more experience and time to put them on.

Eating has become a nightmare since the day I got my braces on. I can’t each chicken like I used to eat before (like they eat in KFC advertisement). Only small and tender meat is allowed but I somehow try to avoid that as well because of oral hygiene (Lingual braces are hard to clean).

So, what do I eat?

Anything that is small and soft, not hard or sticky.

Banana Shakes, Protein Shakes, Cheese Omelets, Cottage Cheese, Boiled Potatoes, Fruit Juice, Rice, Noodles, Oats are my daily drivers.

I am losing weight very fast which I am not worried about. I am just waiting for my mouth and tongue to adapt to the braces before I start eating my regular meals.

I am also going to consume weight/mass gainer to increase my overall calorie intake and continue with my gym/workout and cycling routine to maintain or increase my current weight.

How Do I Clean My Lingual Braces?

Since oral hygiene is much difficult in case of lingual braces as the brackets are placed inside the mouth. I follow a strict routine of brushing my teeth inside and outside after every meal followed by a quick finishing rinse with ‘Amflor Oral Rinse‘.

I closely look for any food particles trapped in the braces and remove them using floss or dental pick.

How Long Do I Have To Wear Braces?

The length of time one will need to wear braces hugely relies on the circumstances. While there are some cases when the braces need to stay on longer and there are also those who only need to wear braces for shorter terms.

In my case and as suggested by my orthodontist, I need to wear braces for at least 18-24 months. That’s almost 1.5-2 years. 🙁

How Much It Cost?

₹70,000. There goes my paycheck.

Who Is My Orthodontist?

My dentist’s name is Dr. Abhinav Shrivastava who is a specialized dental surgeon with years of knowledge and experience. The clinic is clean, hygienic and spacious for stress-free checkups and dental treatment.

You can look out for his services at his website, or check out his Lybrate profile.

Am I In Pain?

No, not quite yet. But it doesn’t mean I won’t be in. There is still a long way to go before I get my perfect smile.

And YES, this has been the best decision of my life.



-Mother Teresa

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