my message for introverts

My Message For All The Introverts Out There

I am not that shy at all like, I can chit-chat with everybody, make conversations. Although I am never really the life of any party, I definitely don’t make it worse. Until that is, I am ready to leave.

A stab of emotion come over me and I hear my entire body screaming at me – Ok, you are done here, retreat back to safety and get back to the quiet.

In a world where we reward extroverts, Introverts can feel really out of place and disconnected.

Why can’t I be more enthusiastic? Why do I feel so reserved when asked to go to a party or a trip? Why do I search my brain for excuses in order to get out of social situations?

And after a while, I finally allowed myself to feel the judgemental eyes of my peers when I said, “No thank you, I am going to stay home and read a book tonight instead.”

Holding to my truth gave me such a rush of empowerment.

But first I was not confident about saying that to people. I would say things like – “I have work pending and I have to wake up early tomorrow”, or “I am kind of sick today, I think I am just going to stay in.”

And I would create these excuses and stories and not say my truth.

My big goal was finally to be able to just speak my truth and say, “I just don’t want to go, I want to stay home.

The truth is, we don’t need to feel shame and guilt for not bring outgoing in a society that praises those who are.

We have some truly incredible qualities like strong connection, self-awareness, ability to enjoy alone time, being able to truly listen, make powerful decisions, working alone in business and more.

And when you allow yourself to truly step into that and step away from being someone that you’re not, magic can really happen there.

Some of the best past and present leaders are introverts – Steve Wozniak, Barack Obama, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton. 

This is my message for all the Introverts out there.

Stand strong in your personality traits and view them as strengths.

Just because you are not naturally assertive, outgoing or the life of the party does not mean that you cannot thrive in your own right.

Your most natural state of being is where you’re going to geel the most in-flow and the most authentically yourself.

You can shine strongly regardless of how you identify yourself. You are not wrong and you are not alone.

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Who I Am.

Who I Am.

My name is Raunak Chhabra and I am a Micro-Entrepreneur. Why? Because I run a business, with only 1 employee – MYSELF. People think I am a successful man as I have a lot of stuff in possession. Expensive clothes, shoes, tech, and more. The fact is I am not. Although I’ve worked hard in life to buy all the stuff. Success can never be measured by money. So what am I doing about it? I am trying to minimalize. Getting rid of the stuff that adds no value to my life.

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