How Social Media Kills Your Real Identity

I couldn’t agree more with the statement ‘SOCIAL MEDIA KILLS YOUR REAL IDENTITY’ because I have seen the negative impact of it in people’s lives.

Before I left it all, I was an addict. A SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICT. But before I further move on to the topic. What exactly is social media addiction?

Like any other addiction, a person who is addicted to social media is considered to be someone with a compulsion to use social media to excess. And like any other addiction, social media addiction has a lot of negative effects.

And if you don’t think you are addicted, then see if you could turn it off for a week. This article on ‘What is Social Networking Addiction‘ is worth a read.

In an attempt to explain to you why and how ‘Social media kills your real identity’, I’ll use my life examples as well as stories from other people lives without revealing any true identity.

As someone who is a frequent user of the World Wide Web, I’ve met a lot of people online, and have even met 80% of them in person. What I noticed in most of my meetings with these people is the two-sided behavior.

It’s not the good or the bad side. It’s the TRUE SIDE and the FAKE SIDE (And I am no exception).

But before I start pointing fingers, my hands aren’t clean either.

I started using Facebook in high school. Like most teenagers, I wanted to stay connected with my friends. Constantly checking status updates and stalking people’s profile for hours on end.

Then came the Whatsapp and finally the INSTAGRAM. Two more ways to stalk people.

I was now using not one but three social networking applications to connect with my friends. Because one is never enough. Humans are greedy.

I am not saying social media is bad. It has its pros and cons. Social media allow us to connect and get into other people’s lives which I believe is good but it turns ugly the moment you feel dissatisfaction and depressed after looking at photographs of people travelling places, hanging out with friends, getting into relationships, getting married, buying a new car, or buying a new house.

Today, 9 years old are using social media to flex (show off) their valuable assets and as said before, I will not use any real names. Go to google search and type in 9 years old flexing on Instagram and see for yourself.

The more likes and followers we gain, the more we start acquiring useless things to show-off our cool lifestyle and how better we are from others.

But the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Its greener because you can’t step on it. The moment you cross the fence and start walking, the grass will lose its goodness.

Similarly, we lose our real identity when our purpose is to show others how happy or successful we are with all the expensive and material stuff we own.

The fact is – WE AREN’T.  We are afraid, we want to be noticed and accepted by the society. We all want to be liked, but now we all want to be liked by 20 million.

Back in time, we used to do anything to be liked, but it was by the person in front of us. Now its to be liked by 20 million people that you don’t even know.

Social media sites were created to help people connect with each other, and many people use this excuse as the reasoning behind posting selfies of everything from the new pair of shoes they have purchased to their graduation photos.

Why not share these events. After all, this is what social media is for.

The same cannot be said for bad photos, however, since most people will admit that they would never share photos that make them look less than perfect.

In fact, they would hand pick every single picture that was posted on social media websites.

I uploaded more than 1000 photographs on my Instagram profile over the last 2 years. Hundreds of status updates, check-ins, and photos on Facebook. But none of it matters or made me feel proud or a sense of accomplishment.

What I am in my real life and what I was in those photographs and status updates are two different personalities.

While you cant stand on two boats, there’s no point in living with two personalities (unless you are suffering from multiple personality disorder).

On November 2017, I got rid of my Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media profiles. Although I still have access to a Facebook profile solely for the purpose of managing page.

I somehow managed to live without any social media until now and the best thing is I don’t miss any of it.

By leaving it all behind, I learned to live in the present moment. It helped to increase my ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

There are stories from my life, thoughts, and ideas I want to share, and that is why I created this personal blog. It is helping me put the word out without the need for a social media platform.




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Who I Am.

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